Andrew Bynum and Mike Brown are... working through some things. (Getty Images)

So Mike Brown benched Andrew Bynum on Tuesday after shooting a three-pointer (and not trying on defense and not trying on offense and generally just not giving a flip). 

OK, well, that's OK, because Bynum understands he has to play in the flow of the offense and won't do it again, right?

Yeah not so much.

From Yahoo Sports:

Bynum’s pouting appears to be over his desire to expand his game. He said he has developed a jump shot and different post moves. He won’t be afraid to fire away again from long range.

“I guess don’t take 3’s is the message. But I’m going to take some more,” Bynum said. “I just hope it’s not the same result. I hope that I make it.”

via Lakers' Andrew Bynum plans to keep shooting 3-pointers -- even after coach's benching - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

So just to be clear on this, Bynum not only isn't sorry, nor thinks he did anything wrong... but will continue to do the same thing because he wants to "expand his game."

Andrew, quick tip, there, big guy. You're seven feet tall. Being able to dunk on people is a valuable skill and something you're good at. Do that. Develop a nice turnaround. Maybe a running hook. You know what you don't need? A three-point shot, when you've hit exactly one in your career, the first this week. Let it go, Drew. Let it go. 

For his part, Brown's not backing down, telling he's still in control of the team. Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant pretty much hung his coach out, talking about how he understands where Bynum is coming from. 

So Mike Brown has benched his two All-Stars in the past week and the players are pretty much saying they don't care and will continue to do what they want.

Yup, all normal in Lakerland.