The Celtics and the Bucks had a rough third quarter on Thursday, but few players had it rougher than Marcus Morris. Boston's forward dove into the crowd for a loose ball and actually made a great hustle save, but his efforts got him a beer spilled on his head.

Morris was forced to play drenched in beer, and TNT commentator Kevin Harlan had a great time calling everything Morris did -- while reminding everyone that he was doing it with his head dripping.

Just listen to how excited he is. "Morris is dripping with beer!" "He is just soaked in beer!"

One thing we learned: Harlan does not know a lot of beers. It sounds like he knew half of Milwaukee's Best (he trailed off after Milwaukee) and Miller Life before saying "I can't think of any more beers."

No one does strange sports quite like Harlan. The other instance like this that comes to mind is when a streaker crashed the Rams' first regular game as the Los Angeles Rams against the 49ers on Monday Night Football, and Harlan just seemed happy he got to talk about anything but the horrible game that night.

It's a shame Harlan can't make the call for every bizarre occurrence in the world of sports.