There are a lot of interesting Charles Barkley stories out there, but few top the tale he told recently during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show. 

Barkley sat down to talk with Kimmel about a number of topics, including social media and the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. After discussing the Eagles' historic victory, Barkley -- who played in Philadelphia with the Sixers -- went on to tell about the time he was almost traded from the Sixers to the Lakers

According to Barkley, when he was informed that the Sixers had agreed to send him to the Lakers, he went out in the middle of the day to start celebrating. Unfortunately, the Sixers backed out of the deal, and they had a game that night. And it ended up leading to a night Barkley couldn't remember. 

Barkley says he was so drunk he doesn't remember anything about the game. (Barkley's story begins at the three-minute mark.)

Barkley's story:

I was so excited, so me and my boys went out to celebrate and we started getting drunk in the middle of the day. My agent calls me back about three hours later and said 'the Sixers pulled out of the deal,' and we got a game that night.

First off, I was so pissed, but I was so drunk too. I can remember a lot of games I played, but that day we were so excited I was getting out of Philadelphia and I was blasted, I'm not going to lie.

While Barkley may not remember the game itself, the tale is certainly one no one else will forget. Eventually Barkley got his wish, and was traded from the Sixers to the Suns during the summer of 1992.