On a Monday edition of the CBS Sports Flagrant Two Podcast, Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave talk about LeBron James' comments on Colin Kaepernick, Markelle Fultz' shoulder timeline and Lonzo Ball's second triple-double of his career. Then Portland Trail Blazers star guard CJ McCollum joins the show for a wide ranging interview where he discusses his development as a player (14:55), whether some people are writing off Lonzo Ball too early (17:50), whether he had a chip on his shoulder coming from a small school like Lehigh (20:20), his thoughts on the "one-And-done" rule (21:21), which player is the future of the league (29:25), whether he'll recruit LeBron in free agency (31:03), MJ vs. LeBron (32:52), and blowing kisses during an on-court altercation (35:55).

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