Kevin Durant is now a member of the Brooklyn Nets, but it's likely we won't see him in a black and white jersey until the 2020-21 season due to the torn Achilles tendon he suffered during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. 

However, during a press conference on Tuesday, Nets GM Sean Marks opted not to officially rule Durant out for the upcoming season. Marks also said the Nets would not announce any timelines for Durant's recovery to the public. 

Even though Marks declined to rule Durant out, we still shouldn't expect to see the star on the court this season. Recovery from a torn Achilles is usually a 9-12 month process, which means even in a best-case scenario, there would be just a few weeks left in the regular season before Durant was healthy. 

At that point, it would be unwise to rush him back onto the court, especially considering the main reason he tore his Achilles in the first place was because he came back too early from a calf injury. After signing Durant to a four-year, $164 million max deal, there's no way the Nets will risk anything with his recovery. 

Thus, Marks' comments should be read less as a sign of hope that Durant will perhaps play before the season comes to an end, and more as a decision to not make any sort of declarative statements this early in Durant's recovery process. After all, is hasn't even been a full month since Durant underwent surgery to repair his Achilles.