The 2016-17 Knicks, baby! 

Just when you thought the superteam’s season couldn’t get more dramatic, it did just that, as a Deadspin report details an incident from before Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago Bulls, in which owner James Dolan cursed out a fan. Via Deadspin:

Mike Hamersky, a self-described New York Knicks superfan and season ticket holder from Astoria, claims that team owner James Dolan got in his face last night outside Madison Square Garden and screamed mean things.

Asked about the allegations, Dolan tells Deadspin: Hell, yeah, I did!

“I did call him an a--h---,” Dolan tells me, “because he is an a--h---.”

Apparently, the Knicks fan yelled at Dolan, telling him to sell the team, which made Dolan upset, thus causing him to go right back at the fan. 

“Sell the team, Jim!” Hamersky shouted.

According to Hamersky, Silva, and Dolan, the team owner, rather than getting in the car, turned around and walked toward them, asking who yelled. Hamersky admitted/boasted it was him, and Dolan got in his face and started yelling. Dolan asked Mike Hamersky what he did for a living, and Hamersky told him he’s a lawyer. “I think he was surprised to hear that,” Hamersky says.

Hamersky says Dolan then yelled, “What if I showed up at your office and called you an asshole? Because you are an asshole!”

Dolan remembers yelling a bit more at the heckler: “What if I told you, ‘You suck at your job?’ Or, ‘How do you like losing that case?”

Dolan, who reportedly claimed the fan smelled like booze, a claim the fan denied, then tried to prevent the fan from entering the game, even going so far as to have his security detail follow them for a few blocks. Eventually, however, the fan, along with his friend, was able to evade the security, and made it back to The Garden in time for the game. 


Part of me doesn’t even really hate this, as I can completely understand getting fed up with people yelling at you all the time, and if you yell at people you don’t know, you run the risk of getting yelled at back. But Dolan definitely went overboard by getting in the dude’s face, trying to prevent him from entering the game, having his security detail follow the guy and his friend as they walked away.

Somehow, however, this doesn’t even come close to reaching the top of the list when it comes to the bizarre moments during Dolan’s run with the Knicks.