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The New York Knicks make plenty of mistakes. Whether it's their front office, coaching staff or roster, this is an organization known for its mishaps, yet to this point, those mishaps had largely been either basketball- or business-related. Rarely have they ever crossed into the sartorial realm... until today. 

The Knicks are debuting their new City Edition uniforms Saturday in their home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers. That is what seemingly led to the evening's uniform malfunction. Eagle-eyed fans noticed early on that both Mitchell Robinson and Reggie Bullock had the same No. 23 on the back of their jerseys. 

This is unusual on a number of levels. Obviously, only one player per team can wear any given uniform number. Those numbers exist to identify the players, after all. Robinson is the Knick typically assigned No. 23. Bullock wears No. 25, and this is where things get more complicated: he still was on Saturday. Bullock's jersey had No. 23 on the back and No. 25 on the front. Eventually, the officials realized what was going on and made Bullock leave the game to change jerseys. 

The Knicks have generally acted as a competent NBA organization since hiring Leon Rose as president of basketball operations. Their young players have looked good so far this season, and the future is brighter in New York than it's been in quite some time. But apparently, no matter how good things look for the team, the Knicks are always going to find a way to Knick.