Kris Dunn had a very scary fall in the Bulls' loss to the Warriors on Wednesday. On a steal and fastbreak, Dunn rose for a dunk but lost grip on the rim and fell face first into the court. The face plant was really scary to watch happen live and caused him to be checked for a concussion.

What's really stunning however is, despite going face first into the ground, Dunn's teeth are perfectly OK. He apparently didn't lose any in the process and at the same time managed to take a chunk of the wood flooring with him. Yes, seriously. 

It's crazy enough that Dunn didn't take any dental damage from this fall, but to then take a chunk of floor out with him? That requires some serious teeth or jaw strength on the part of Dunn. Guess this is why they always tell you to drink milk and brush your teeth growing up. It's good hygiene and gives you a mouth strong enough to eat a chunk out of the United Center.

If Dunn really is OK -- and his health is the most important thing in all of this -- then that piece of floor board needs to be given to him as a trophy of some kind. This is legitimately impressive.