The much-discussed Los Angeles mural featuring LeBron James in a Lakers uniform is no more.

One of the artists who originally painted the mural has undone his work this week, painting over the artwork, which was located on the side of a BBQ restaurant in Venice, California. 

The mural, created by Jonas Never and another artist named Menso, depicted LeBron in his new digs along with the words "The King of LA."

Following two cases of vandalization in less than a week, Never decided to erase the work on Wednesday. He was apparently sick of the mural being messed with and decided to scrub it himself rather than let it continue to be defaced.

The mural was quick to be painted after LeBron signed with the Lakers earlier this offseason, but it had a short and tumultuous life.

One Lakers fan on Twitter -- @BenOsaze, who calls himself "Unofficial Spokesperson for the Los Angeles Lakers Fanbase" --offered an irresistible $300 cash reward for the vandalization of the mural on Friday. When someone questioned why the self-proclaimed spokesperson would offer up a reward for a hit against the depiction of a star player on his own team, the guy responded "no murals until he wins a title."

And apparently that offer was too enticing to pass up, as the mural was defaced by Sunday. Whoever followed through on the hit spray painted several insults on the mural, including "we don't want you," "LEFRAUD" and "3-6" (a reference to LeBron's career NBA Finals record). 

A user on Twitter took credit for the vandalism, posted video of the proof, and asked for the $300 reward before deleting their account. @BenOsaze also locked his account once news of the defacement went public on Sunday.

The initial case of vandalism was short-lived, as the mural was fixed by Sunday night -- though with a slight alteration. The "of" was removed from "The King of LA," which seemingly was an attempt to appease some Lakers supporters who are loyal to stars of the franchise's past.

However, a second (and more egregious) case of vandalism followed later in the week, and Never had enough.

Considering how much talent, time and effort it takes to construct an artistic piece like that, it's pretty sad that this guy had to take an eraser to it after such a short period of time just because a couple of petty fools had to act like children and disrespect his work.

This is why we can't have nice things.