It's a major debate among NBA fans: Who is the GOAT, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? People on either side of the argument will forever defend their case, and since the two never played against each other in the NBA (Jordan retired one season before James' rookie year) both sides lack key evidence based on direct competition.

But finally, after all these years, we have a clear cut answer. Well, kind of.

James recently shared that he and Jordan faced off on the court in a scrimmage when LBJ was only 16. The Los Angeles Lakers star shared how it came to be, explaining to The Uninterrupted that the pros in the pickup game didn't let him play for about an hour. (Warning: Some graphic language in the video)

James was starting to realize he might not get to play when, finally, he was called up.

"And the only reason I played is because the guys that was in the league you know, after a few hours some of them get tired," he said.

The future three-time NBA champion explained how he felt getting to play against MJ.

"For me to be on the court at 16 years old, sophomore in high school, with my favorite player of all time [Jordan] it was like, this can't be real, man."

It was MJ vs. LeBron before anyone realized the value of "MJ vs. LeBron." Jordan's team won, thanks to a game-winner from the six-time champion, who reportedly said after hitting the shot, "Yeah, that's why they pay $33 million to do this."

Paul Pierce, Ron Artest, Penny Hardaway, Jamal Crawford, and other former NBA stars were also part of the pickup game.

The NBA has changed since Jordan played. Statistical categories weigh differently to certain people and, since they never competed against each other in the NBA, there is never one winner everyone can agree on when it comes to MJ vs. LeBron. This story is a cool piece of history between the too, but James was very far from his prime.

James continued to share stories about his relationship with Jordan, saying he went to his camp as a rookie and got to play with him. 

"I was on a team with MJ and we didn't lose a game," James said.

I know we can't all agree on who deserves the ultimate GOAT crown, but we all should be able to agree that those two on a team together is next level electric.