Lonzo Ball is struggling early in his career, but if there's one part of his entrance to the NBA that's been praised constantly, it's his leadership ability. Those close to the Lakers talk about how he's been able to change the culture around Los Angeles.

Yet he is still a rookie and that means he will make mistakes. When the Lakers and Suns got into a skirmish Friday night, video emerged showing Ball looking back at the fracas and walking away.

 Standing up for the guy next to you is part of locker room culture. When Ball was asked about it afterward, he gave an answer that didn't make it much better.

Ball isn't wrong. Nobody's out there throwing punches in the majority of NBA fights. It's usually just an over exaggerated shouting or shoving match with a lot of people getting in each other's faces. It's not worth the fine or tech that usually comes with it. None of this is to say that Ball should go in and start shoving people around, but getting himself involved in some matter is better than walking away entirely. He is still young and he'll learn from this.