Boston Celtics veteran forward Marcus Morris had a stern message for his team following their complete collapse against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday night. After leading by nearing 30 points at one point in the contest, the Celtics ended up losing the game by double-digits, 123-112. 

"I mean, for me, it's not really about the loss," Morris said, via ESPN. "It's about the attitude that we're playing with. Guys are hanging their head. It's just not fun, it's not fun. We're not competing at a high level. Even when we're winning it's still not fun. I just don't see the joy in the game.

"I watch all these other teams in the league, guys up on the bench, up on the court; they're doing stuff that looks like they're enjoying their teammate's success, they're enjoying everything and they're playing together. And when I look at us, I just see a bunch of individuals."

Morris doesn't know the exact answer when it comes to correcting Boston's issues, but he realizes that things need to change if the team wants to advance deep in the postseason. 

"For us to be a championship team, man, this shit has to change," Morris said. "We have to genuinely want to win. That has to be the first goal. Whatever it takes, I'm with it. If you want to take me out the lineup and get some juice in it, I'm with it. But I'm trying to win. That's the goal. Trade deadline's over. This is the team we're rocking with. This is what we're going with. So, at the end of the day, man -- it's unacceptable what we did tonight. It's unacceptable for what we did with a team of our caliber."

You can see Morris' comments below, via NBC Sports Boston

Celtics reserve guard Terry Rozier sees a lack of effort among his teammates, and that is something that will need to change before they take the floor again on Tuesday night against the new-look 76ers (8 p.m. ET -- Watch on FuboTV with NBA League Pass add-on). 

"Just effort. Effort's not there," Rozier said, via Mass Live. "We can practice it all we want. If the effort's not there—we're playing against pros. Anybody can make shots. These are professionals. Anybody can score the ball. If the effort's not there, then we're out of luck."  

For what it's worth, head coach Brad Stevens shouldered the brunt of the blame for the team's poor play. 

"I think I need to look at myself first and figure out what I can do to help that not happen," Stevens said. "If that means we need to play different rotations, call different things, start differently in quarters than we are, whatever the case may be there's an answer out there and we just have to find it."  

Clearly, the Celtics have some issues that they need to iron out before they can reach their full potential as title contenders.