Sports trading cards can often have a large amount of value if you get one that is very rare. According to TMZ Sports, one featuring two of the most prominent players in NBA history has sold for a staggering amount.

A rare card of Michael Jordan and LeBron James with an NBA logo patch and pieces of game-worn jerseys from both players was sold for a whopping $900,000 by Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions at a private sale earlier this week. It's now officially the most expensive basketball card ever.

The card was part of Upper Deck's 2003-2004 "Exquisite Collection," and includes actual NBA patches from game-worn jerseys that James and Jordan wore. While there is a Bulls logo on the Jordan side of that card, it's actually a piece of his Wizards jersey, according to Yahoo Sports. What makes it so rare is that it's the only card of its kind that exists in the entire world. The $900,000 price tag beats out a 1969-1970 Topps Lew Alcindor card that sold for around $500,000 in 2016. The card is also now the most expensive piece of merchandise featuring James or Jordan, according to TMZ.

"We are proud to report that this sale nearly doubled that price and joins the famed 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card and classic T206 Honus Wagner card as the only trading cards to ever reach this level," Goldin said.

The James and Jordan card is an absolutely rarity and it's truly staggering that it outsold the Alcindor one by $400,000. The owner that purchased the card certainly has to be beaming with pride and will likely want to display such a card.