Hey you ... yes, you! Have you been logging hours and hours on NBA 2K18 recently? Have you been playing with Michael Jordan on the classic '90s Chicago Bulls teams featured in the game?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions, perhaps you have noticed that Digital M.J. likes to stick his tongue out during play, just like his real-life counterpart. Props to NBA 2K -- they always pay plenty of attention to even the smallest details. 

Unfortunately, the nice folks over at 2K have run into bit of a snag while trying to replicate His Airness' tongue. There was a bit of a unsettling glitch that caused the tongue to protrude through Jordan's bottom lip and be affected by some weird shadowing. 

Here's a look:


(As much as I would like to make fun of this issue, I can barely turn on my laptop so I'll leave the professional video game developers alone.) 

It would appear that 2K either received complaints about the glitch or noticed it themselves and tried to get ahead of it, as they released a patch Tuesday that included an odd update on the list of fixes.

"Michael Jordan's tongue should now look a little more Mike-like."

As it turns out, the key word there is "should," as it appears 2K fell a little short in their attempt at rectifying the weird tongue.  

Presenting Jordan's tongue post-update:

Dare I say this one looks even worse? It's very close!

In any case, the entire tongue department at 2K just had their Christmas bonuses revoked.