The Oscars were Sunday night, but those aren't the only awards being discussed right now. The NBA awards season is ramping up, with discussion for post-season accolades such as MVP, Most Improved Player and Defensive Player of The Year getting serious. Is this finally the year that James Harden will claim an MVP, or can a late season riser steal it from him yet again?

There's a two man race for Rookie of The Year right now between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons. Everybody else is just playing for recognition at this point, or at least get mentioned in the discussion. Which is fine, because that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being mentioned in the discussion for an award might not have the same long lasting impact, but it does represent how fans and media feel about certain players.

So with that in mind, almost every team in the NBA has someone that has a chance at being in a discussion. Whether it's one of the heavy hitter type awards like MVP, or something smaller like All-Rookie second team. Get those envelopes out and put on your best suit, because it's time to discuss some NBA awards.

Biggest Movers
7 Pelicans
5 Nuggets
1 Rockets This is the year where MVP is James Harden's to lose. He's played incredibly well all season long. LeBron James and the Cavs fell off long enough to give Harden a chance to extend his lead. There's some rumblings of people making their cases behind him, but a strong finish should guarantee the award for Harden. General manager Daryl Morey may have Executive of the Year in the bag already. -- 20-62
2 Warriors Kevin Durant probably won't win MVP, but could he win Defensive Player of the Year over his teammate in Draymond Green? Durant's taken another step on that end this season and his transformation into a rim protector has been incredible. He's now someone the Warriors rely on for more than scoring. -- 53-29
3 Raptors DeMar DeRozan isn't going to win Most Improved Player or MVP, but he deserves consideration for both awards. The Raptors have been the best team in the East this season, and DeRozan's improvements are a big part. Dwane Casey also deserves some credit in Coach of the Year voting. -- 48-34
4 Trail Blazers Damian Lillard is going to get a deserved amount of All-NBA hype thanks to what he's been doing this season. He's improved as a defender and has carried a Portland offense that struggled for much of the season. This has been arguably the best season of his career. 2 27-55
5 Pelicans Anthony Davis is the light in the darkness for the Pelicans. There season was supposed to be over when DeMarcus Cousins got hurt and instead Davis has carried them to eight straight wins. He just had a historically great February and Davis is getting some well-deserved MVP hype as a result. 7 36-46
6 Jazz Donovan Mitchell took an award that seemed like a run away at the start of the year and has made it interesting. Rookie of the Year feels dead-close thanks to just how important Mitchell has been for the Jazz this season. This guy is going to be a superstar someday. 1 49-33
7 Celtics Kyrie Irving had the MVP hype earlier in the season, but Al Horford hasn't been getting enough Defensive Player of The Year hype. The Irving support has cooled off a little, but Horford is still anchoring one of the NBA's best defenses. He should have a serious chance at the award. 1 51-31
8 Pacers Victor Oladipo is going to win Most Improved Player this season. He's had this locked in since January, when he proved that his hot start wasn't a fluke. But the dark horse is Nate McMillan's candidacy for Coach of the Year. 1 25-57
9 Nuggets The Nuggets are scrapping and clawing for the playoffs and Nikola Jokic has been carrying them the entire way. Their season looked like it might have been doomed when Paul Millsap went down with an injury, but Jokic has picked up the slack and has a chance to get on an All-NBA team as a result. 5 48-34
10 76ers Ben Simmons has been great all season long. To many, he's the unquestioned Rookie of the Year winner even with Donovan Mitchell playing as well as he's had. While Mitchell has flash, Simmons has been consistently great all season long. He currently has the edge for the award in a very close race. -- 51-31
11 Clippers Lou Williams has had the best season of his career and he's done most of it off the bench. He had a chance at winning Sixth Man of the Year last season, but the voters opted to go with a teammate of his in Eric Gordon. This time there's nobody around to steal his award -- unless he gets bumped into the starting lineup again. 2 42-40
12 Wizards Has Bradley Beal improved or is he simply finally healthy? The Wizards star has been incredible this season and earned his first All-Star appearance this season. He's kept the Wizards afloat while they wait for John Wall to return from surgery. If this is an effect of him showing actual improvement then he deserves to at least be on some All-NBA ballots. 3 35-47
13 Timberwolves Jimmy Butler seemed like a surefire All-NBA lock before his injury. Now, there's an actual danger that the Wolves miss the playoffs this season. Karl-Anthony Towns, though, has been waging his own All-NBA push all season. 2 46-36
14 Thunder Andre Roberson was going to win Defensive Player of The Year before the injury. He was the reason the Thunder had an elite defense and his ability to guard the NBA's most elite made him so valuable to the Thunder. Sadly, his injury takes him out of the running. Russell Westbrook should still get an All-NBA spot. 3 24-58
15 Lakers Lonzo Ball has a shot at making the All-Rookie team, and Kyle Kuzma feels like a lock for it. Neither have a chance at Rookie of The Year however. That's a two man race they just won't be able to crash. 4 33-49
16 Heat Nobody on Miami was going to challenge for a postseason award, but trading for Dwyane Wade -- who has increased his scoring average -- gives them a possible Sixth Man of the Year candidate. He started that campaign with the Cavaliers. 5 53-29
17 Cavaliers LeBron James could have won MVP. He was putting up some incredible numbers at the beginning of the season and a lot of people felt that this was his final chance to tie Jordan in MVP's won. However, the Cavs utter collapse and his obvious disdain for the roster pre-trade deadline lost it for him. He's still had an incredible season and is a lock for All-NBA. 1 44-38
18 Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo is completely unstoppable. The only thing he can't do is shoot 3-pointers, and that doesn't seem to matter. Antetokounmpo should be a guaranteed All-NBA player and will show up on some MVP ballots as well. 4 51-31
19 Spurs Gregg Popovich will inevitably end up on some Coach of The Year ballots, because he always does, but this isn't the year for that. The Spurs have lost eight of their last 10. This isn't Popovich's fault, because they've been plagued by injuries all season to key players, but it's bizarre to see the Spurs struggle like this. Yet, there isn't a soul that actually thinks they'll miss the playoffs. 1 34-48
20 Hornets Kemba Walker is the lone great thing about the Hornets this year, but he's probably not going to have support for an All-NBA spot in a crowded backcourt. 5 43-39
21 Pistons Andre Drummond was an incredible story at the beginning of the season with the improvements he made this season. It felt like he was going to be a Most Improved Player and All-NBA candidate before Detroit's season tail spinned. He's still been great, but the effort has sadly gone to waste. 1 23-59
22 Hawks The Hawks are playing for lottery balls, but they did see some fun stuff out of John Collins this year. His energetic bouncy style made him one of the more exciting rookies to watch -- and a lock for one of the All-Rookie teams. -- 43-39
23 Magic Injuries to All-Rookie candidate Jonathan Isaac and Most Improved candidate Aaron Gordon likely tank the Magic's shot at any awards. 3 22-60
24 Kings Can we create an award for Vince Carter? He deserves hardware of some kind. He's 41 years old and playing 17.4 minutes a game, and he's won the Kings a game or two with some vintage moments. This man is immortal. 1 30-52
25 Bulls Nobody on Chicago will get much love on the trophy ballots, but Lauri Markkanen proved he was worth his draft pick this season and will be on an All-Rookie team. 1 46-36
26 Mavericks Dennis Smith Jr. has improved as the season has gone on and should be included on at least the All-Rookie second team. 1 52-30
27 Nets Spencer Dinwiddie emerging as a surprise Most Improved Player candidate was exactly what the Nets needed to consider their season a success. 2 44-38
28 Knicks It's unfortunate that Kristaps Porzingis got hurt. He had a shot at All-NBA before the injury. Without him the Knicks spun into another lottery appearance. 1 37-45
29 Suns Josh Jackson turned around an ugly start and should be an All-Rookie team candidate. He's averaged 15.9 points a game in the 2018 calendar year. 1 64-18
30 Grizzlies There was nothing good about this Grizzlies season besides a chance at winning the lottery. It's been a complete and total disaster. Their award for this season will be the end of the season . 2 56-26