Nike's first year as the NBA's official jersey suppliers has been bumpy so far. Between ripped jerseys and some questionable designs, people have had a lot of complaints. Those complaints continued on Christmas Day, when NBA Twitter got wind of the fact that teams don't have special Christmas Day jerseys. Adidas' looks became well-known, often involving script lettering of the team names, and the festive jerseys were missed this year.

Some media personalities were questioning Nike's preparedness for its first season.

Other people were less concerned with the logisitics.

Still others understood the likely reason why, but simply didn't care.

But the dominant emotion was definitely some kind of anger.

People have been upset with Nike all year, for a myriad of reasons. Jerseys have been getting ripped in games and leaked through video games (the latter of which is especially hilarious), and people seem pretty disillusioned with The Swoosh.

However, it's Nike's first year. They definitely have time to pull it together, and although you can't take back a bad start, you can make it better. Christmas jerseys are probably way below "our jerseys are inexplicably tearing" on Nike's list of priorities, so all that there is to do now is be patient and be mad online.