Toronto superfan Nav Bhatia is making a meeting with Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and one of his biggest fans happen. Corey Groves, a 17-year-old from Brampton, Ontario is battling a rare form of cancer and his one wish is to meet No. 23. The Lakers fan, who calls James his hero, was diagnosed with Stage 4 sarcoma cancer and given a year to live about six months ago, according to CTV News Toronto.

"I have everything I want so I can't complain. A handshake would just be the best thing," Groves said.

Bhatia, who is well known in the NBA community, specifically in the Toronto area, has been working hard to make sure Groves' dreams come true. Bhatia's spokesperson, Rinku Ghei, told CTV News that he was working "diligently behind the scenes to make this happen."

He was able to get in contact with one of the James' representatives, who managed to schedule a meeting between James and Groves. 

On Wednesday, Bhatia went to surprise Groves, who was dressed in his Lakers LeBron jersey, with the news. 

Groves was already planning to attend the Lakers game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center on Christmas Day, but Bhatia informed him he was doing much more than seeing the game -- he was getting the chance to finally shake hands with his idol. 

"I only want to shake his hand. I'll thank him for being an overall generous and a kind person," Groves told CTV News Toronto. "It makes me feel pretty good to see everyone came together and made it happen."

When they meet, Groves said he is also going to tell James, "Keep doing what you're doing."