As if this week wasn't dramatic enough in Philadelphia 76ers land after the firing of Sam Hinkie and his 13-page resignation letter to the board, the Philadelphia 76ers acknowledged Friday a report from TMZ that forward/center Nerlens Noel is facing a civil suit from a rental firm that reportedly alleges massive property damage done to a home he rented between 2014 and 2015. 

Noel is being sued, TMZ reports, for alleged damage to a home including, among other things, plumbing damage done by fecal matter and Gatorade stains apparently everywhere. Oh, and after receiving a list of charges for the damage, the landlord is alleging Noel left a tombstone in the home with "RIP" on it.

You cannot, under any circumstances, make this stuff up. More from TMZ:

In their lawsuit, the owners of the home list all of the crazy damage they found including after Noel moved out in August 2015:
-- "Splashed neon colored sports drinks (such as Gatorade) on the carpets throughout the home."
-- $30,000 in other damage to carpets-- Extreme water damage throughout the home 
-- Clogged toilets filled with cotton balls and feces
(In fact, the owners say the plumber who fixed the toilet told them the damage was so bad he told them, "Someone must not like you.")
-- Broken elevator (it's a baller house) 
-- $4,000 in damage to the stove 
-- damage to the fridge
-- damage to the blinds
-- damage to dishwasher
 -- torn window screens
The owners say they also found weed and roaches from joints in the home -- including pieces of marijuana in the master bathroom drawers. Now here's the scary part ...The owners say they demanded $42,000 to repair the damage ... but the DAY AFTER they sent the demand, a TOMBSTONE with the words "RIP" mysteriously appeared on the front steps of the property. The owners believe it was Noel's doing and are considering it a death threat. They're now suing Noel for all sorts of reasons -- including assault (because they believe harm is imminent) and want more than $75,000 for their troubles. 

Source: Nerlens Noel Sued -- WORST RENTER EVER ... Weed, Gatorade Stains & Death Threat (PHOTOS) |

This comes in the wake of several concerning off-court incidents that Jahlil Okafor was involved in earlier this season, and all the drama in the Sixers' front office.

It's not hard to see how a number of people will connect the dots and say that if the allegations are true, this is the result of a lack of veteran leadership in the Sixers' locker room during their "rebuilding effort." If nothing else, if true, it paints a concerning picture of an organization building around players who, although young, are clearly struggling with the maturity necessary to be professional athletes. 

Also, how much Gatorade was this man drinking?

And did he do this damage upon moving out, or was he living in squalor? Noel's camp hasn't issued statement but the allegations are pretty serious so far as the word "assault" is being levied. We'll see if anything comes of the lawsuit and if the allegations have any merit. 

Nerlens Noel is allegedly in some trouble. (USATSI)
Nerlens Noel is allegedly in some trouble. (USATSI)