The Oklahoma City Thunder logo has been a disaster since it was first unveiled in 2008. It says nothing about Oklahoma, nothing about Oklahoma City, reflects nothing about thunder or any meteorological event, nor the native bison the "thunder of the herd" is supposed to reflect. But while the shield-style logo is here to stay, Grantland reports that the team could be making a move for a new style in the near future: 

No team has worse art, top to bottom, and Nike will push for an overhaul once it replaces Adidas as the league’s apparel partner in 2017. Nike and the Thunder are already talking, and the Thunder “haven’t ruled out” a more explicit weather-related secondary mark, Byrnes says.
Bad news: Oklahoma City seems locked into the shield motif and likely won’t replace it with a bison — or anything else. “To some extent, we are committed to the idea we have,” Byrnes says. “But we would not dismiss good feedback, particularly from Nike. We’re open to modernizing the logo, but we don’t have an appetite to overhaul it.”

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The idea of overhauling it is also more complicated than it sounds. The storm concept seems pretty simple. Drop a cloud and some lightning on a dark blue background, and shazam. But bear in mind that the state of Oklahoma suffers from 54.9 tornadoes every year, including some of the deadliest in its history in 2013 when they saw 82 rip through the countryside and Oklahoma City itself. To coastal fans, tornadoes are a novelty. For Midwesterners, they are nothing to mess around with, and certainly nothing to make caricature of in sports. 

Live through one and you'll agree. 

So the shield stays, but it could definitely use an upgrade. Anything to make it look less like the logo on a piece of knockoff generic sportswear you'd find in a clearance bin. 

This thing has got to go.      (NBA)
This thing has got to go. (NBA)