Kawhi Leonard rolled his ankle during Game 5 of the Spurs-Rockets series. Initially, the roll was so bad it appeared that he was going to be forced to come out of the game. However, because it's such an important game Leonard did his best to play through the injury. For the majority of the game he managed to do so, but he was forced to sit out the final play of regulation.

On the final play, the Spurs ran a simple pick and roll play involving Patty Mills and Pau Gasol, but Gasol didn't clear out fast enough. Mills pump faked to create space and hit the final shot, but it was too late. The clock expired with the ball in his hands and the game went into overtime. The entire time Leonard sat on the bench.

Leonard proceeded to sit out the entirety of overtime as well. Leonard attempted to play as much as he possibly could, but eventually the Spurs sat him down and worked on his ankle. He's their best player and clearly if the Spurs are working on his ankle during overtime of a playoff game then the injury must be bad.

The Spurs cannot afford to lose Leonard for an extended period of time. The final play of regulation and overtime is one thing. If Leonard has to sit out Game 6 or a potential Game 7 then the Spurs are in major trouble. He does everything for them and San Antonio is going to struggle on both ends of the floor if they have to play through an entire game without him.