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Professional athletes have been known to do just about anything in order to get into the right headspace before a game. Some will eat a specific pregame meal, some will listen to a certain song or album, and some will watch videos of gorillas fighting to the death.

Yes, you read that last one correctly.

Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns recently revealed that he watches videos of gorillas fighting to the death in order to get motivated prior to every NBA game.

"Before games, I know Kobe had talked about that he had used to listen to Halloween-themed music and that would really get him going," Towns said. "I really have just been watching two gorillas fight before every game. I've been addicted to that. I want to see who is the best in the laws of nature."

"I'm watching gorillas fight all day. I know if I'm in that video, I'm leaving out alive. Someone gotta die. Ain't gonna be me."

That's certainly a different way to get into the right frame of mind prior to a game. Perhaps watches gorillas fighting gives Towns the proper motivation to battle for those tough rebounds and be at the top of his game.

Towns has blossomed into one of the top big men that the NBA has to offer. If this gives him an advantage, more power to him.