A significant NHL rule is expected to be changed in the near future. According to TSN's Darren Dreger, NHL general managers are in the process of altering the league's offside rule. Dreger reports that having a skate in the air or "breaking the plane" of the blue line will be included in the change to the rule.

As the rule currently stands, a player is required to have their back skate on the ice in addition to being behind or on the blue line when the puck is entering the offensive zone. Otherwise, the play is deemed offside.

With any rule change, the NHL Competition Committee and board of governors will still need to approve the alteration. The Competition Committee normally meets in June to discuss rule changes when the current season is over. If the vote passes, those changes are put into effect the following season.

The NHL general managers are currently having their annual meetings in Florida. Another item that has become popular as of late has been the emergency backup rule in the wake of 42-year old Zamboni driver David Ayres being forced to play for the Carolina Hurricanes last month. However, the general managers decided to keep the current emergency backup rule for now.

Making a change to the offside rule could limit bang-bang plays as far as players being ruled in the offensive zone or behind the blue line.