Halloween isn't limited to your neighborhood, you know.

Sure, trick-or-treating can be fun, especially if you're using your kids to get some extra candy for your stash. But the spooks and scares of Oct. 31 extend well beyond the houses you're hitting for Reese's on this fine fall evening. In fact, they extend all the way into pro sports, as evidenced by the costumes on display by NBA, NFL and NHL athletes the last few days.

It seemed especially appropriate, then, to tackle this week's edition of NHL Power Rankings with a Halloween twist.

In the spirit of spookiness, we've spiced up our hockey pecking order with the scariest thing about each and every one of the NHL's 31 teams. Here's the catch: The scariest thing can be either good or bad. So while plenty of teams, like the rising Pittsburgh Penguins with a resurgent Matt Murray in goal, have reasons to take pride in their scariness, there are a handful of others, like the cellar-dwelling Detroit Red Wings, who should be scared of themselves. And then there are the scariest things of all -- things like the Columbus Blue Jackets' style of play, which can be equally good or bad.

What's scary about your favorite team? Find out in this week's NHL Power Rankings:

Biggest Movers
14 Coyotes
8 Wild
1 Predators They don't even need Pekka Rinne to be healthy to be the best. -- 12-9-2
2 Penguins Matt Murray is back. 6 14-8-4
3 Avalanche Nathan MacKinnon is like Michael Myers. Killin' it. -- 13-9-1
4 Lightning Steven Stamkos can still rise from the dead. 2 15-9-1
5 Canadiens Carey Price is a monster. 6 13-11-2
6 Maple Leafs Auston Matthews' injury will set them back a bit in the standings. 2 16-5-6
7 Bruins Without their top line, they are not that scary. That's scary if you're Boston. 1 20-3-1
8 Devils They were winning games with Keith Kinkaid in the net. 7 21-4-1
9 Sharks They're figuring out how to work the puck between all their stars. 4 8-16-4
10 Jets They're not the only great, young offensive team anymore, and they're also not even that great offensively right now. 5 16-7-1
11 Oilers Connor McDavid is the answer for every question we ever ask here. 6 14-12-0
12 Capitals We're not sure the defense will ever come close to what they're doing offensively. 3 11-12-4
13 Hurricanes They look exactly like they always finish: Competitive, but not enough to beat the elites. They're stuck in purgatory. 1 14-6-6
14 Flames Johnny Gaudreau is the real-life Human Torch. 7 12-10-3
15 Blue Jackets John Tortorella will never let "old-fashioned" hockey die. 3 8-14-2
16 Coyotes They don't have any one premier goal-scorer, but they dropped seven on Tampa. 14 7-12-4
17 Islanders Their depth won't be able to sustain their hot stretch. 7 16-11-0
18 Wild Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are playing like resurrected heroes. 8 13-9-2
19 Blackhawks Their big names are producing, and yet their record is meh. 1 7-14-4
20 Sabres Eichel, Skinner and Dahlin Inc. is going to be one heck of a Buffalo firm down the road. 1 11-13-1
21 Stars They're like a second-rate Bruins replica with that top line. 1 14-7-5
22 Golden Knights They're only beating up the little guys. 8 19-7-1
23 Blues Jake Allen. Always. 2 12-14-0
24 Ducks John Gibson is like Freddy Kreuger. Killin' it while everyone else sleeps. 8 7-17-3
25 Canucks Elias Pettersson is back. Beware. 2 11-12-3
26 Senators Thomas Chabot might ruin our expectations of a historically bad season for the Sens. 7 10-14-1
27 Panthers Losing Roberto Luongo should not have derailed them entirely. 1 12-10-4
28 Rangers The rebuild has only just begun. -- 12-10-5
29 Flyers Gritty would probably be more fun to watch at goalie. 2 9-12-5
30 Kings Speaking of Gritty, he's probably faster than any of their players. 1 14-10-4
31 Red Wings Everything. Everything is scary. -- 13-7-5