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Oh typos can be so fun and by fun I mean embarrassing (trust me). The Nashville Predators, or Preds for short, are finding that out the hard way.

The team sent out an email to fans letting them know about an upcoming Skate of the Union. The finish? Well it might have spawned an unwanted nickname going forward for the franchise. Here's the letter as dug up by J.R. Lind of the Nashville Post. And a screen grab.

The Perds! That's up there with the Atlanta Barves or the Washington Natinals.

The error was so bad that it even made it onto ESPN -- imagine that, hockey on ESPN! -- in Keith Olbermann's new show. Although I must say, there is absolutely some irony here of Olbermann picking on the Preds for the typo while ESPN graphics are using an outdated team logo.

Good luck living that one down, Nashville. In the meantime, say it with me ...

Let's Go Perds!

UPDATE: The Preds have owned up to this and TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES! The organization sent out another notice to fans on Wednesday and, well, I'll just post the whole thing.

Deer Season Ticket Holder,

It has come to hour attention that the Nashville Perdaters e-mail to our most loyal fans may have had a few misspellings in it yesturday, but can you blame us? With so much excitement in the air as the season quickly approaches, we can’t even sea or type stra8.

The playas are back in town, single game tix go on sale this weekend and our furst home preseason game is only 18 days away. We are planning so many great events for you that spel cheque is the last thing on hour mind. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Season Tix Holder pick-up partay @ Bridgestone Arena this Saturday at 11 a.m., where you can tell us in person how bad our spelling is.

Go Perds!!!!!!

I have one reaction to that, Nashville: