Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel does not seem happy with how the team has handled his neck injury. The center's season ended following a herniated disk in his neck in March and on Monday he spoke out against how the Sabres have dealt with it all.

Eichel described the situation as a "disconnect" between himself and the team. Here's what he said (via ESPN):

"I've been a bit upset about the ways things have been handled since I've been hurt. There's been a bit of a disconnect between myself and the organization. The most important thing now is to get healthy and be ready to play hockey next year, wherever that might be."

The "disconnect" likely stems from the Sabres, according to Eichel, not letting him get surgery.

"It doesn't work like that. I wish ... I'm under contract with this team and they definitely hold a lot of cards on what I can and can't do" Eichel told John Vogl of The Athletic when asked if he has gotten surgery.

Adding drama to the "wherever that might be" quote above, Eichel also said that for now he realizes he's with Buffalo, but didn't write off the idea that things could change.

"I have a lot of thinking to do in this offseason. I think that there's a lot that I have to consider. But for now, obviously, I'm here," the 24-year-old told The Athletic.

Eichel is under contract with the Sabres through 2026. He signed an eight-year, $80 million extension in 2020, but after these comments, it's not clear how much longer he plans on staying in Buffalo.