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With Chelsea possibly undergoing a firesale during the summer to comply with financial fair play, the future of players whose contracts are beginning to wind down are coming into play. Particularly, that of midfielder Mason Mount. A player who has been integral to Chelsea's success over the past few years, Mount is someone stuck in transition this season under Graham Potter. With his former manager at Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel, back in action with Bayern Munich, it is already leading to questions of if Mount would join him in Germany during the summer. So, what destination could make the most sense for a versatile midfielder like Mount?

1. Signing an extension at Chelsea

A club youth product, it's easy to imagine Mount wanting to stay at Chelsea despite the struggles that he has had sticking in the lineup this season. He's a player who should be able to work under Potter, but Mount is stuck in Chelsea having too many attacking options and while he could be freed by some surplus wingers being offloaded, the Blues have also invested a lot of capital into players who aren't him. Can playing time be confirmed for Mount and can he even be signed under the current roster setup?

And Chelsea won't be in a difficult spot if he goes. New players have been signed to six year or longer contracts to lower their per year costs so they'll be around for a while. But despite that, there's no shortage of homegrown players in the squad, Chelsea won't need to keep Mount to comply with squad regulations that way so there's no impediment to letting him go for that reason, but it wouldn't be great if he does walk for free two summers from now. So it's probably either sign him to an extension, or he's off to another team on this list.

2. A new experience in Germany with Bayern Munich

With Tuchel in the driver's seat at Bayern Munich, Mount could end up in Germany during the summer. While there used to be a lack of English players moving abroad, and it's still not exactly common place, Jude Bellingham went to the World Cup while playing at Borussia Dortmund, not the Premier League, and that at least shows that playing at the top level in Germany can't be ignored. Under Tuchel, Mount would be allowed to play everywhere but again he runs into an issue as Jamal Musiala currently occupies his best position. 

Only 20, Musiala won't be leaving anytime soon and there are a host of wingers like Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sane, and Kingsley Coman there already as well. If Mount is willing to be a super utility guy filling in on the wing while appearing in different midfield spots, there's certainly a place for him at Bayern. A role there would be similar to what his role is at Chelsea currently which opens the door for other destinations.

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3. From blue to red at Liverpool

Liverpool may have all eyes on grabbing Bellingham but if Real Madrid are bidding, not only could Liverpool be a less desirable destination but the club also may not be able to afford Bellingham. If Bellingham doesn't come to the club, a player who can bring similar qualities at a lower cost is Mount. Able to take a spot in the midfield three while linking defense with attack, Mount will be able to allow Harvey Elliott to play in his best role in the front three while also staying in England. 

His pressing and comfort with the ball could make Mount a favorite for Jurgen Klopp while allowing Liverpool to still decrease their average age during the offseason. Transfers between England's biggest teams are relatively rare, but there's no reason why this couldn't happen if the price is right.

4. Other teams in need of midfielders

Considering other options in England, two clubs stick out. Neither would likely be among the top suitors for Mount but Tottenham and Newcastle United should certainly see if they can secure his services. Only one of these teams will likely grab a top four place heading into the next season which would strengthen their recruiting pitch for Mount, but both need attacking midfielders that they can rely on. Newcastle has been linked to James Maddison in the past but Leicester City hasn't wanted to let him go which could lead the club to look at Mount. 

For Tottenham, things are a little murkier. Despite Spurs having a leg up in the race for top four, their future is up in the air after the departure of Antonio Conte. That could be a good thing if Spurs can secure a proper long term vision with their next manager but depending on how long that takes, it could end with Mount signing elsewhere due to lack of time. If a manager is appointed before the end of the season, that could bring the move into a plausible realm.