Conor McGregor isn't necessarily looking past Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night on Showtime PPV, but that doesn't mean that he isn't thinking about his future. McGregor, after bragging in normal McGregor terms about his flexibility as a fighter, started talking about the potential of changing careers if he defeats Mayweather on Saturday. And although he didn't commit to the idea of moving on past fighting itself, he definitely showed that he's thought about his post-fighting career.

"After I get a victory on Saturday night," McGregor said with the usual air of assumption, "I would most certainly be open to competing in both sports. ... Maybe going forward, since I'm the king of the boxing ring and the king of the Octagon already, once I've conquered both, maybe I'll just create my own hybrid of an Octagon and a boxing ring. ... I'm an active fighter. I enjoy it. I don't stop thinking about fighting. Most certainly when this one is done, I'll have 20 seconds when I relish in victory. Then I'll be like, 'Who's next?' I just turned 29 years of age. I'm still very young in my career. I'm still looking to compete all over the place."

McGregor is a person that's always thinking past his next fight, specifically about his brand, so it isn't surprising that he's already written this off as a win. However, what's interesting is that he's clearly thought this through. UFC and boxing are two different worlds, as evidenced by the way this fight has been promoted, but McGregor is trying to bridge the gap between the two. If he ends up winning this fight, then he could take serious strides to try to bring the two sports together.