Florida State lost in the Elite Eight to Michigan, 58-54, so it was probably scrapping and clawing until the end, fouling to get back into the game until the buzzer right? Well, no. Not exactly. At the end of a hard-fought game that involved serious shooting droughts for both teams, Florida State was down four trying to close the gap. After a questionable 3-point attempt from PJ Savoy with 13 seconds left, Florida State elected to not foul and let Michigan run the clock down to clinch a Final Four berth, ending Florida State's season.

Seminoles coach Leonard Hamilton was questioned on the decision by Dana Jacobson, and he seemed completely incredulous as to why he was being asked about it.

After Jacobson asked Hamilton why he didn't foul, he gave her a confused look, asking her what she was "talking about." When Jacobson started to reiterate the question, Hamilton's response raised a few eyebrows.

"You think that the game came down to the final seconds of the game?" he asked. When Jacobson specifically clarified that she meant the decision not to foul, Hamilton said: "The game was over." Jacobson asked if he didn't believe that the players could get back into it with 15 seconds, and Hamilton responded "You mean with 15 seconds on the clock? What were we down?"

"Put them on the line, they miss a few shots," Jacobsen responded, at which point Hamilton abruptly turned away, looking like he was walking off. However, he stayed, and Jacobsen added that it was a "four-point ball game," and the question was one that "the guys were asking at the end of [the] game."

At that point, Hamilton diverted the conversation to Michigan, saying that they did a "great job" with a "great gameplan."

Hamilton went on to say that Michigan deserved credit for the win, never directly addressing the question.

It was an awkward moment.

 Hamilton was further questioned about clock management in his postgame press conference by USA Today's Lindsay Schnell, namely when Florida State let the shot clock run before fouling with about a minute left when down 55-52.

"...I don't remember exactly but I wanna think that it was a four-point game and ... what situation was that? If they missed that shot then we would have had an opportunity to come down and --"

Schnell interjected, saying "...They missed the front end of a one-and-one -- you were down three -- and then you went down and [Savoy] took what looked like a rushed three."

"Yeah, and we didn't have any more timeouts left," Hamilton replied. "We'd used all our timeouts, and the only thing we could do was foul." When he was asked if he wanted the team to foul right away, Hamilton said "I don't remember exactly what the situation was, to be honest with you. But I know there was one situation where we thought it was best not foul because we thought that we could get the ball back and still have an opportunity to score ... if we [could] just hold them."

Hamilton seemed to have trouble recalling the last minute of the game, which is fair when it's also the last minute of your season. However, even though Florida State had an excellent season, Hamilton's responses have a lot of people confused. And Florida State fans might feel that even though the team exceeded all expectations, ending in an Elite Eight game few people would have predicted, its season was still cut just a bit short.