Baylor coaches who are openly disputing a previous university statement will not be punished for their tweets.

On Monday evening, more than 20 Baylor coaches and staff members tweeted #TRUTHDONTLIE in response to a KWTX report supposedly citing the real reason junior college recruit Jeremy Faulk was dismissed from the team this summer. In the report, acting Bears coach Jim Grobe said the decision to remove Faulk, who was stripped of his scholarship this summer after he was accused of sexual assault, "was made by administrators."

As KWTX notes, this contradicts a previous statement from Baylor claiming, "The action to remove Jeremy from the football team was taken by the interim director of athletics and acting head football coach, and did not require other Executive Council members nor Title IX staff involvement."

Here are just a few of the tweets from the coaches and staffers screenshotting the same KWTX story ...

However, none of the coaches and staff members who took part in this -- #TRUTHDONTLIE was a common hashtag used by former Baylor coach Art Briles on Twitter -- will be punished. "Athletic Director Mack Rhoades met privately with at least one coach late in the evening and indicated nothing would happen to the staffers who sent tweets," the KWTX report stated.

The details of Faulk's dismissal were fuzzy back in June. Speaking with ESPN's Outside the Lines, Jeff Sims, Faulk's former coach, said little explanation was provided from Grobe about the decision. "Grobe says to me, 'Listen, if he just leaves, he can go on, and we won't stop him from playing anywhere, and this investigation will stop.'"

A Baylor spokesperson told OTL that Grobe had "a different recollection of the conversation." Faulk maintained he did not assault anyone.

Regardless of where the truth in this story actually lies, there's an obvious divide between Baylor and the team's coaches, who remain loyal to Briles. As noted by Football Scoop, "Coaches have been asked to stop wearing 'CAB' [Coach Art Briles] shirts in official Baylor capacity."

It would make sense that Baylor, the institution, would be extra sensitive about sexual assault allegations in the wake of Pepper Hamilton's findings. However, Grobe said his usual practice is to wait until issues are resolved before a decision is made about a player's status.

"I think that's the way most coaches deal with problems if you've got kids that have issues they may come back to the football team, but they may not temporarily be able to represent the football team and that's not just Jeremy it's any kid on our football team," Grobe told KWTX.

In the months following Baylor's Findings of Fact, questions remain about Baylor's commitment to improving. Briles was in the stands for Baylor's road game at Rice and former player Shawn Oakman, who was arrested and indicted on sexual assault, was allowed in the locker room.