With 10:54 left in the second quarter, facing fourth-and-19 on its own 5-yard line and trailing Boise State 14-10 on the road, BYU made one of the strangest decisions you'll ever see.

The Cougars broke out a fake punt with the punter nine yards deep in the end zone. Not a fake pass, but a designed run with the punter.

It failed miserably.

That might be the worst fake punt ever -- and yes I remember Arkansas State's fainting goat play. The situation (down four in the early second quarter on fourth-and-19) and the play-call (a straight run with the punter) combined make absolutely no sense.

The most amazing thing about it is that it didn't cost BYU anything. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty backed the Broncos back to the 16-yard line, and the Cougars forced a three-and-out before Boise State missed the field-goal attempt.

Results over process.