AUSTIN, Texas -- At this point in his young teenage life, Texas freshman quarterback Shane Buechele practically owns this town.

Barely old enough to vote (18), Buechele has been instantly elevated to savior status after helping beat Notre Dame Sunday night.

One problem: He's not even supposed to be here.

Buechele acknowledged Monday he was somewhat of a miracle baby when he was born on Jan. 8, 1998. That's because dad had undergone a vasectomy.

"I don't know what you'd call that," Buechele told reporters. "I'm just glad to be here. I found out when my dad was [managing minor league baseball]. It's a long story. I just remember hearing about what happened."

Um, or what didn't happen.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Steve and Nancy had decided that four kids were enough. Steve's major-league baseball career ended in 1995. Two years later in the spring of 1997, Nancy discovered she was pregnant.

"He's the 'oops' baby who turned out to be the prodigy," Shane's sister Jordan told the Morning News.

Vasectomies have more than a 99 percent success rate. That would make Buechele a One Percenter of a different kind.

While recounting his night against Notre Dame, the quarterback said, "I didn't expect that to be [a topic]. I'm not embarrassed about it. My dad might be, I don't know."

Buechele is the thrower in the two-headed quarterback tandem -- along with senior Tyrone Swoopes -- that is begging for a nickname.

Shane Buechele's career at Texas is off to a great start. USATSI

For now, they're merely Thunder and (freshman) Lightning. The 250-pound Swoopes scored the winning touchdown. Buechele threw for 280 yards and two scores including a 72-yarder to teammate John Burt.

"Hanging out with him, seeing how good of a good kid he is," Burt said. "He's kind of got that attitude about him, that optimism, that energy to everyone he hangs around with."

Buechele's every move has been followed here since enrolling early in January. Coach Charlie Strong immediately said the kid won the lockerroom.

"I did miss the prom [but] I'd rather be here," Buechele said.

That scrutiny includes the story behind the quarterback's number (7). Steve Buechele played baseball at Stanford where he was roommates in the early 80s with John Elway.

"I wore seven because of him," Shane said. "I always looked up to him."

Legions of Texas fans are now looking up to a savior who's still sporting peach fuzz.

"I don't think [the attention is] going to bother him at all. He'll stay true to who he is," Strong said.

For starters, that would be a miracle baby.