Kickers are athletes, too, as we're learning first-hand in 2016.

Penn State kicker Joey Julius proved early this college football season that kickers can hit, and he has been paying the price ever since.

Apparently there's something in the water in Pennsylvania because North Penn High School kicker and punter Kelly Macnamara, the first female to play for her team, did her best Julius impression during a play last week.

The opponent, Central Bucks East, put together a razzle-dazzle reverse play on the return which fooled everyone -- except Macnamara. She tracked the ball carrier, met him with perfect timing and sent him flying out of bounds with a massive hit.

Macnamara posted the video to her Twitter account with some savage emoji combination that I don't understand because I'm too old.


Thanks to plays like this, North Penn is 7-0 on the season, according to MaxPreps, and it ranked No. 4 in the state of Pennsylvania.

It's been reported that overall high school football participation is up, partly due to an increase in the amount of female players. With athletes like Macnamara paving the way, it's easy to see why.

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