Rhea Bullos, an 11-year-old runner from the Philippines, competed with no shoes on her feet -- only bandages covering her ankles and soles -- at a race at the Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meet. Bullos had to make due with just the plaster bandages but added her own Nike logo on the sides in marker.

The bandages did not hold her back, even with her competition having shoes, Bullos won three goals medals, in the 400 meter, and 800 meter and 1,500 meter competitions. 

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Posted by Predirick B. Valenzuela on Monday, December 9, 2019

Her story hit social media and eventually went viral. 

Jeff Cariaso, head coach of the Alaska Aces, a professional basketball team in her home country, took notice of the story. Cariaso, who is also the CEO of the basketball store Titan 22, asked Twitter to help him contact her. 

Twitter got it done, and Cariaso and Bullos were able to speak to each other, and Cariaso wrote afterward, "Thanks for the post. I was able to speak to Rhea and her adviser this morning. Thanks to those who messaged me also with her contact number."

Bullos has potential on her own, but with the right footwear she will now have the tools to be that much better. 

Cariaso was able to use his platform and outreach to do good for the up-and-coming athlete in need.