The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the biggest dog competition of the year (sorry Puppy Bowl) took place in New York at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. Siba the standard poodle was crowed 'Best in Show' at the 144th edition of the show. This marks the fifth time a standard poodle took the title, with the most recent coming in 1991. 

King, a wire fox terrier, was the defending champion. He was not available to comment on how he feels about his reign ending. 

Siba was one of seven finalists, but cemented her legacy in pup history by taking the W. 

Take a look at Siba in all her glory, proudly taking the "Best in Show" crown.

The winner's co-owner Connie Unger praised her champion at the show. "She's just a great dog. She loves the showing, she's in her element when she's being shown. She's really an all-around great dog," Unger told USA Today.  

Siba's handler said the dog plans to celebrate by eating chicken. A celebration centered around food? Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid would be so proud.

The win also grants Siba celebrity status and she rubbed elbows with some other A-listers at the after party. 

Here she is with designer Michael Kors:

Siba, from Non-Sporting, was one of seven dogs in the final category. The elite squad included Bourbon, a whippet from the Hounds, who was named "Reserve Best in Show"; Bono, a Havanese from the Toy category; Conrad, a Shetland sheepdog from Herding; Daniel, a golden retriever from Sporting; Vinny, a wire fox terrier from Terriers; and Wilma, a boxer from the Working group. 

A look at the (literal) top dogs:

More than 3,000 dogs participated in the event, providing viewers with many adorable dogs to watch in action. The dogs come from around the world to compete. 

Take a look at some of the other dogs who graced MSG on Tuesday:

Not sure what type of shampoo that last dog uses, but its hair is perfect.

A stoic Vinny takes the Terrier group dub.

You forgot to mention "adorable," official Westminster Dog Show Twitter account.

"Show no fear, show no fear, show no fear," -This dog

The cutest triplets. 

2020 Westminster Dog Show Getty

"My ribbon."

2020 Westminster Dog Show Getty

And runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin'

2020 Westminster Dog Show Getty

This dog means business. 

2020 Westminster Dog Show Getty

Shag game strong.

2020 Westminster Dog Show Getty

It is only appropriate we conclude the photo gallery with the champ herself.

A queen and her trophies. 

2020 Westminster Dog Show winner, Siba Getty