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The parents of deceased Stanford soccer player Katie Meyer have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Stanford. The family asserts that the 21-year-old committed suicide after being stressed about facing discipline for an incident that occurred in August 2021. 

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in Santa Clara County Superior Court, according to USA Today. Meyer committed suicide in February 2022.

The lawsuit states that Meyer spilled coffee on a member of the Stanford football team that allegedly sexually assaulted one of Meyer's soccer teammates. In addition, it also said that Meyer received a formal written notice on Feb. 28, the same night she died, that charged her with a "Violation of the Fundamental Standard."

This violation would've delayed Meyer from receiving her diploma only a few months before she was supposed to graduate, according to USA Today.

Meyer's parents also allege that this particular notice came "after-hours," when the Stanford goalkeeper was "alone in her room without any support or resources." Meyer reportedly responded to the email saying how "shocked and distraught" she was about being charged. She was supposed to have a meeting with the school three days later to discuss the incident.

Meyer's parents believes she had a "acute stress reaction that impulsively led her" to take her own life in February 2022. Leading up to her suicide, Meyer's parents said in an interview with TODAY that they had no "red flags."

Dee Mostofi, who is Stanford's assistant vice president of external communications, told USA Today that the university "strongly disagreed" with the claims in the lawsuit that Stanford was responsible for Meyer's death.

Meyer was a key member of Stanford's 2019 national championship team and served as a team captain during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.