As many can imagine, running onto an active racetrack is both dangerous and against the rules. However, that didn't stop a father from pulling his son out of a burning car in Virginia.

Crew chief and father Dean Jones saw his son Mike's late-model go up in flames at South Boston (SoBo) Speedway during Father's Day weekend and immediately rushed to his rescue. Dean Jones was able to pull the fire-suppressant system in the car before safety crews were able to arrive. His son, Mike then climbed out without injury.  

Despite violating track policy, Dean Jones will not be suspended nor have his NASCAR license revoked. Instead, he has been put on probation by the speedway for the remainder of the year.

A similar incident occurred at NASCAR's highest level in 2015, when No. 3 car driver and 2018 Daytona 500 winner Austin Dillon was involved in a heavy crash at Daytona. Dillon's crew members rushed out onto the track to flip his overturned NASCAR. In that instance, Dillon's crew members were reprimanded.

Running onto the track does not always lead to a happy ending however. In 2014, NASCAR driver and current team owner Tony Stewart collided with and killed Kevin Ward Jr. after Ward climbed out of his car on an active track.