Over three out of every five sports fans say they would not return to live sporting events until after a vaccine for coronavirus is available to the public, according to a recent poll. In other words, the empty stadiums could continue for quite some time, given that even a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine would still reportedly take over a year to make.

The Seton Hall Sports Poll at the Stillman School of Business revealed that when participants were asked what they would do if sports leagues resumed live games before a vaccine was made, 72 percent said they wouldn't attend, 12 percent would attend if social distancing measures were maintained and 13 percent said they would feel just as safe attending as they did in the past.

The number of people who wouldn't attend drops to 61 percent of all people when the group is consolidated to just people who identify as sports fans, per the poll. The study also noted that 74 percent of Americans don't expect sports to return at all this year.

Sports leagues have already cut wages for players and other employees in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the financial toll it is taking. If that's what the reaction was from executives with an expectation that things will eventually return to normal, it's not hard to imagine even more cuts coming down if fans aren't attending events  once the leagues resume business.