THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Two
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Two of the PGA Tour's heavyweights followed along with many others on Tuesday as a California court ruled against LIV golfers Matt Jones, Talor Gooch and Hudson Swafford being allowed in the 2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs. Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas make up two of that current FedEx Cup top 10 going into the FedEx St. Jude Championship in Memphis this week, and both have been vocal about aligning with the PGA Tour going into the future.

Thomas was less enthusiastic about the court's ruling than McIlroy, but was still intrigued by its outcome.

"I wasn't super one way or the other," said Thomas. "I just was worried about myself. Obviously as a player on the PGA Tour and the ruling going in favor of the PGA Tour, I'm in favor of that. But again, I let that deal with that and I just try to worry about playing golf."

J.T. voiced earlier this year on the No Laying Up podcast that players joining LIV Golf was not personal, but if it ever came to a lawsuit that it would be. The reason? The PGA Tour is made up of its members, and obviously Thomas is one of them. So, regardless of whether technically true in a court of law, he felt as if any player suing the PGA Tour was in effect suing him.

"It was personal to me from the beginning," said Thomas on Tuesday. "I would say it's just getting more and more in depth. It's kind of like I said from the start, those guys were given an opportunity to go play and just go play. You can have your cake, but you don't need to eat it, too.

"And they got their fair share of a large, large amount of cake and go eat it on your own means. You don't need to bring it onto our tour. I think we keep it how it is and we can continue to build an unbelievable product that's given a lot of us like myself a great platform to just keep improving it."

McIlroy, meanwhile, was more forward with his feelings. 

"From my vantage point, common sense prevailed and I thought it was the right decision," he said. "Now that that has happened, I think it just lets us focus on the important stuff, which is the golf, and we can all move forward and ... not have that sideshow going on for the next few weeks, which is nice."

LIV Golfers will not be allowed to participate in the FedEx Cup Playoffs after a court ruling on Tuesday. Rick Gehman, Kyle Porter and Sia Nejad break it all down. Follow & listen to The First Cut on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

McIlroy agreed with J.T. that there is no frustration over players leaving for LIV Golf, but rather the frustration comes when golfers try to double dip on both tours.

"I certainly have a little more respect for the guys that haven't put their names to the suit," he said. "So yeah, I mean, it's become a little more personal because of that."

"I think where the resentment comes from the membership of this tour is the fact that they want to try to get their way back in here with no consequences," added McIlroy. "And anyone that's read the PGA Tour handbook or abided by the rules and regulations, that would feel very unfair to them. That's sort of, you know, how it played out ... it's like there's such a long way to go. It's like you birdied the first hole, but you've still got 17 holes to go. It was a good day for the Tour and for the majority of the membership yesterday."

Indeed it was a good day for the Tour as U.S. District Court Judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled that the contracts of LIV Golf League golfers "were based upon the players' calculation of what they would be leaving behind and the amount the players would need to monetize to compensate for those losses," therefore denying them entry into the FedEx Cup, leaving the $75 million on the table for players like McIlroy and Thomas to decide with their play over the next three weeks.