Like stories certain to raise your paranoia about being watched or videotaped -- especially in super-private areas? Then here's one for you.

Recently, an Athletics player discovered a camera concealed within a box in the A's weight room. Creepy, right? It gets worse.

Yahoo Sports reports that the camera had been placed there by strength and conditioning coach Michael Henriques, who wanted to keep an eye on rehabbing and injured players while he was away with the rest of the team.

"This was the misguided action of one employee," A's executive VP of baseball operations Billy Beane said, per Yahoo. "We hired an independent investigator. While the employee's intentions were good, his judgment was very poor."

The player who found the camera, which was operational for about 21 hours, notified Sean Doolittle, the team's union representative. Yahoo's Tim Brown has the details of how the incident has been handled:

Beane notified MLB that a camera had been discovered, said sources, who described Beane as "furious" at the invasion of privacy. Doolittle immediately contacted the players' union. Beane suggested to MLB an independent law firm would be hired to determine the source of the camera and how the club would proceed legally. The investigation included numerous interviews of players and team personnel.

According to Brown, Henriques apologized to the players and will remain on board on a probationary capacity but is suspended while the independent law firm concludes its investigation.

MLB and the MLBPA are monitoring the investigation, and the law firm is expected to present its findings to A's players on Monday.

This is an understandably touchy subject. Teams who have requested permission to install cameras for security purposes have been denied in the past, per Brown, and any changes in that regard would likely have to be collectively bargained.