Curt Schilling: Don't compare Trevor Bauer's bloody finger to my bloody sock

If Trevor Bauer's bloody pinky during Game 3 of the ALCS conjured a comparison, it was the obvious one to Curt Schilling and his gushing ankle.

For those too young or scatterbrained to remember, Schilling pitched Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS with an injured ankle -- a condition that lead to a blood-soaked sock. Since Schilling is as outspoken as any former ballplayer, you probably expected he'd weigh in on Bauer's pinky. Sure enough, he did.

Yet despite being a brother in blood, Schilling exhibited no fondness for Bauer's guts, nor empathy for losing precious body fluids on the mound during an important game. Rather, Schilling tweeted a ... well, a message brimming with animosity for Bauer and the situation as a whole:

So there you have it. Schilling ain't having your Bauer-related tweets.

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