Since this Internet domain is already spoken for, it's little surprise that has also been gobbled up by an enterprising sort with, one assumes, an interest in proving that Philip Humber's perfect game really was perfect.

As you may recall, the final out of Humber's perfecto came on a 3-2 pitch to Brendan Ryan in which Ryan appeared to check his swing. Plate ump Brian Runge, however, said he went around, and Ryan was out (after the dropped third strike was heaved to first base, that is). Since then, everyone everywhere has held forth at length on the subject of whether or not Ryan actually swung at the pitch.

And the evidence found at This:

Brendan Ryan's swing

So "yep" is answer to the question: "Did Brendan Ryan swing?"

Okay, it certainly looks like he swung, although it must be noted that the image angle is not ideal. Anyhow, as with all not-perfectly-conclusive photographic/video evidence regarding a close and controversial play, it's a Rorschach. See in it what you wish to see.

But know this: is taken.

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