Leaderboarding: Breaking down the Hall of Fame career of Ichiro Suzuki by the numbers

Ichiro Suzuki is done playing Major League Baseball. He played in his final game Thursday in Japan. Ichiro is a Hall of Famer once he's eligible, and it's times like these when I like to fire up the ol' Leaderboarding machine. The MLB Stat of the Day Twitter account gets the ball rolling. 

Pete Rose is the only other player with 10 200-hit seasons, but his weren't consecutive. And we're off. 

Most career hits, MLB

20. Alex Rodriguez, 3,115
21. Dave Winfield, 3,110
22. Ichiro, 3,089
23. Adrian Beltre, 3,075
24. Craig Biggio, 3,060
25. Rickey Henderson, 3,055

Most career hits, NPB+MLB

  1. Ichiro, 4,367
  2. Pete Rose, 4,256

Career stolen bases, MLB

33. Barry Bonds, 514
33. Jose Reyes, 514
35. Ichiro, 509
35. Fred Clarke, 509
35. Harry Stovey, 509
38. Luis Aparicio, 506
39. Paul Molitor, 504

Players with at least 3,000 hits and 500 stolen bases

Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor, Lou Brock, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Eddie Collins and Ichiro  

Most career singles, MLB

  1. Pete Rose, 3,215
  2. Ty Cobb, 3.053
  3. Eddie Collins, 2,643
  4. Cap Anson, 2,614
  5. Derek Jeter, 2,595
  6. Ichiro, 2,514

Career intentional walks, MLB

22. Harold Baines, 187
23. Carlos Delgado, 186
24. Todd Helton, 185
25. Billy Williams, 182
26. Ichiro, 181

Hits in a single season, MLB

  1. Ichiro, 262, 2004
  2. George Sisler, 257, 1920


Ichiro was also 10th (242 in 2001) and tied for 18th (238 in 2007)

Most seasons with 220-plus hits

Remember, Ichiro is tied with Pete Rose for the record with 10 200-hit seasons, but he didn't stop there.

5 - Ichiro
4 - Rogers Hornsby, Jesse Burkett
3 - Stan Musial, Joe Medwick, Chuck Klein, Bill Terry, Lloyd Waner, George Sisler, Ty Cobb

Only 61 players in history have ever even had one 220-hit season. Ichiro did it five times. What if we go up to 230? 

Most seasons with 230-plus hits


3 - Ichiro
2 - Freddie Lindstrom, Rogers Horsnby, George Sisler

Only 31 others even did it once. 

Batting average by a lefty against a lefty

We made the requirement at least 300 plate appearances here. 

  1. Ty Cobb, .375
  2. Tris Speaker, .350
  3. Ichiro, .329
  4. Bill Terry, .327
  5. Tony Gwynn, .325
  6. Babe Ruth, .324

Players to win MVP and Rookie of the Year in the same year

Fred Lynn, 1975

Ichiro, 2001

Most Gold Gloves, outfielders

12 - Roberto Clemente, Willie Mays

10 - Ken Griffey Jr., Al Kaline, Ichiro

Ichiro led the majors in hits seven times, steals once and batting average once. He won his league batting title twice. He led the AL in intentional walks three times, an especially impressive feat for a non-power hitter. He won three Silver Sluggers in addition to all those Gold Gloves. He was a 10-time All-Star. He's a career .311 hitter. 

And he will be a Hall of Famer whenever he hasn't played in MLB for five years. 

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