The Royals of course recently received their (very excellent) World Series rings, and this calls to mind the general topic of championship jewelry. 

During the early years of the World Series, the champs would receive medallions and chained pocket watches as mementos of utmost baseball triumph. However, after John McGraw's 1922 New York Giants sort of swept the Yankees in the World Series (they went 4-0-1 in the best-of-seven set), they unveiled the first championship ring. Via Robert Edward Auctions, here's a look ... 


As REA notes, that's Hall of Famer Ross Youngs' ring. That season, Young put up an OPS+ of 120 while holding down right field for the Giants, and in that World Series he batted .375 with a .474 OBP. Bidding on that ring started at $10,000, and it eventually sold for $58,750.

iViva la rings!