If you ever find yourself yearning for an argument while surrounded by baseball fans, the surest way to scratch that sore is by bringing up pitch counts. Everyone -- or almost everyone -- has a hot take or two festering inside that's just waiting to ooze. On that pleasant note, here's a story sure to inspire some lively, reasoned chatter.

Tanner Dahl, a right-handed pitcher of the Moorhead Brewers, who play in the Minnesota Baseball Association, threw two complete games on Friday. He needed 222 pitches to do it:

Before anyone gets too outraged, let's keep a few points in mind. First, Dahl is 23 years old, not a teenager. Second, Dahl is playing in a league that's so obscure it doesn't merit space on his Baseball-Reference.com page. Third, Dahl did pitch in a league that earns Baseball-Reference recognition -- the American Association, or the home of the St. Paul Saints -- and he allowed 10 runs over four appearances. So, yeah, he's very much in the "playing for the love of it" bin.

That doesn't mean you should want anyone throwing that many pitches -- seriously, ouch -- but this was almost certainly a case where a consenting adult did something perfectly legal, if inadvisable.

On a barely related note, the real story here is that this paragraph receives prominent placement on Dahl's player page:

Tanner was a world class knocker-upper. Now hold on ... that sounds bad, but if you'd have lived in the late 1800's you'd know that these were basically human alarm clocks. Tanner uses either tall poles or pea shooters to rap on windows and wake up his clients. Tanner can tap at a pitch that soothingly wakes up your lightest sleeper or one that will knock your heaviest sleeper out of bed!

Independent league baseball, y'all. It's bloody weird.