For a few decades, the sound in Yankee Stadium was unmistakable. The ominous riffs of Metallica hit the speakers late in the game, signaling that the single greatest reliever in MLB history was taking the mound. Here is Mariano Rivera's final outing Yankee Stadium, tracked with Metallica's "Enter Sandman." 

It's a thing of beauty and I'm sure even non-Yankees fans would agree -- especially now that they've had five seasons away from the trauma of him shutting their favorite team down. 

Rivera's Hall of Fame case was spotless and he became the first unanimous inductee Tuesday night. Yes, he got 100 percent of the vote. Metallica took to MLB Network to congratulate the man with whom they shared a long-running bond. They also made it unanimous: 

I would love if they played the induction ceremony live to introduce Rivera. Maybe he wouldn't love it, though, as Rivera admitted on MLB Network he has never been to a Metallica concert and instead really only listens to Christian music. I guess I'll just have to settle for playing Enter Sandman on my own when he takes the podium.