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Normally around this part of the season, I'd be going on about how it was still way too early to make any sweeping judgement on the baseball we've seen. I'd be doing the prudent thing like still having the Orioles ranked below the Rays because baseball is a marathon and in comparing the two rosters, it seems obvious the Rays are actually better, despite the result of the series we just saw this weekend. After all, the Orioles took a series from the Yankees early last season and the Mariners started 13-2. 

But you know what, though? Let's get crazy. 

The 2020 season is less of a marathon and more of a sprint, so why not get aggressive in ranking the teams. We might have a ton of movement next week, but who cares? The Internet's Most Official Power Rankings are an escape from the real world and we stress fun. 

There are three teams I do not believe can hold their position on the rankings moving forward. 

The Tigers haven't been terrible so far and rookie sensation Casey Mize is surely soon to make his MLB debut. Though they have one of the worst rosters in baseball and are projected to be awful this season, there are reasons Tigers fans should be excited about the future. 

Speaking of which, so is the Orioles' roster. They are going to stink. It's not a matter of if, but when. They get the sweep over the Rays and get hailed for it this week, but they'll be plummeting soon enough and I'm betting nearly all their fans know this and won't even argue. 

I'm confident on these two teams that they'll be ranked just as low come the end of the season as I had them at the start. I'm not confident I'll be right on the Colorado Rockies. The Rox are 6-2 and one pitch (Friday night) away from being 7-1. If their starting pitching has actually figured things out, it's possible they'll remain in playoff position. Still, I don't have faith in the pitching staff as a whole and, generally speaking, the lineup doesn't have more than a small handful of good hitters. I had them finishing fourth in the NL West to start the season and I'd slot them there again, even after learning of the 6-2 start. I could be wrong, though. They have looked very good. 

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Biggest Movers
14 Rockies
15 Rays
1 Yankees Jordan Montgomery looked good in his return from Tommy John surgery on Friday. The rich get richer, huh? -- 70-39
2 Dodgers Did we make a mistake in thinking Clayton Kershaw was definitely post-prime? He looked damn good Sunday. -- 75-33
3 Twins It was already hard to not love almost everything about them, but is Marwin Gonzalez gonna do this all year? 1 57-51
4 Braves The Braves are 7-3 and Ronald Acuna might be starting to heat up. 2 64-46
5 Cubs The bullpen -- in large part due to Craig Kimbrel -- as a whole has been a disaster, Kris Bryant hasn't done anything and the Cubs are 7-2. 3 43-64
6 Rockies They are 6-2 and Nolan Arenado has been pretty bad so far. 14 48-63
7 Padres Look at my man Tommy Pham, rocking that .432 on-base percentage on his shiny, new team. 3 61-50
8 Athletics Marcus Semien, Matt Chapman and Matt Olson are struggling, but I wouldn't expect that to last. They'll be fine. 5 41-68
9 Astros Their pitching staff has simply been decimated, but they're finding ways to stay above water. 2 70-40
10 Guardians Rough series against the Twins, but the Twins are awesome. No reason to bump the Indians further down for that when they won their other two series. 2 56-52
11 White Sox It was fun to see Nick Madrigal play the role of a throwback star on Sunday, going 4 for 5 with four singles. He has little power, doesn't walk a ton and makes a lot of contact. He'll have lots of these days, in addition to those where he grounds out four times. 8 55-53
12 Cardinals Tough to get a read here, no? Beat a terrible team two of three and then lost two to one of the best teams in baseball. 3 60-48
13 Brewers The Christian Yelich nightmare is now 1 for 27 with 12 strikeouts and they lost Lorenzo Cain to an opt out. Rough week. 1 58-50
14 Nationals For the most part, the offense hasn't looked great so far, but at least they now get Juan Soto back. It's still thin, but he obviously does wonders for them. 3 36-74
15 Reds Trevor Bauer has been absolutely dominant this season, but it's two starts against the Tigers. -- 44-63
16 Blue Jays Good stuff, Nate Pearson. Nice to see them adding pitching prospects to their arsenal of young, position-playing talent. 2 60-48
17 Giants Chadwick Tromp went deep on Sunday for his first career home run and I only said this so I could type in Chadwick Tromp. That's an 80-grade name right there. 4 53-55
18 Tigers Oh man, how my heart jumped for joy when Miguel Cabrera homered twice in a game. 7 43-67
19 Orioles How about Hanser Alberto's start? He's slashing .429/.459/.686. Not sustainable, you say? Psssh. It's 2020. Anything is possible! 7 56-52
20 Rays Five straight losses this season is like 13.5 in 162 games. Yikes. 15 58-50
21 Marlins It's hard to know what to do with the Marlins, you know? They've only played three games, but .667 win percentage! 2 49-59
22 Phillies When your one series on the season is a series loss to the Marlins, that's not a great resume, even if it's an abbreviated one. 2 60-48
23 Mets It's already a complete and utter mess. Bullpen meltdowns, the Yoenis Cespedes drama and a 3-7 start. 10 70-39
24 Mariners Dan Vogelbach was an All-Star last year and rightfully so. In his last 81 games, however, he hit .162/.297/.344. This season he's hitting .118/.211/.118. Uh oh. 6 59-51
25 Angels The Angels have one save and five blown saves. 9 46-63
26 Diamondbacks They have to be on the short list of most disappointing teams so far in 2020, right? Terrible. 9 48-59
27 Rangers Going back to last season, Lance Lynn has gone 16 2/3 innings without having allowed a run. 5 48-60
28 Red Sox It's hard to look at this team and realize it is two seasons removed from fielding one of the greatest baseball teams of all-time. 1 54-56
29 Pirates Colin Moran has been killing the ball. Even his outs have been loud. 1 44-64
30 Royals Is this finally the year they trade Whit Merrifield? He's really locked in at the plate and it'll surely be a seller's market. 1 44-65