Heading into every season, I generally like to go over all the things I love seeing in baseball. Manny Machado ranging into foul territory before throwing across his body to first base. Javier Baez making an electric tag. A sweet left-handed swing. A sick slider. Basically anything Mike Trout does. Or how about Joey Gallo murdering baseballs? 


Unfortunately, we won't be seeing that anytime soon. But we do have have something to tide us over. 

Gallo, at home like many major leaguers with the league on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, found a way to rake at home. The 26-year-old set up an in-home batting cage, great view of a skyline and all. 

It's not exactly a 450-foot plus grand slam into an area packed full of fans, but hey, we'll take what we can get at this point, right? The swing remains aesthetically pleasing from the hulking lefty. 

Injuries marred what was a breakout 2019 campaign for Gallo as he started to round into form as an all-around star, looking to shed the "one-dimensional" stigma slapped on sluggers prone to strikeouts. 

In 70 games, Gallo hit .253/.389/.598 (145 OPS+) with 15 doubles, 22 homers, 49 RBI, 54 runs and four steals. He was good for 3.1 WAR in less than a half season. The 6-foot-5 Gallo was handling himself fine in center field. He's never going to hit for a high average or be a contact hitter, but what we saw last year was the foundation of an annual All-Star. Hopefully we'll see him prove as much sooner rather than later.