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There has been lots of chatter in the past few week about Major League Baseball cracking down on pitchers using foreign substances, and according to a new report, starting on June 21, players that are caught using foreign substances will be suspended 10 games with pay.

During Tuesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson broke down the new punishments and believes that it will likely affect how certain star pitchers are viewed if their numbers dip following the ban on foreign substances.

"In this case, if Gerrit Cole or Max Scherzer start giving up five runs a game, any of the pitchers that we deem to be Hall of Famers could be under scrutiny as a result of what they've done in their careers," Samson said. "Aren't we asking ourselves how long they've been using foreign substances? Have they been cheating the entire time? Then we have to say: Is it cheating? Then we have to compare that kind of cheating to the steroid kind of cheating. What's interesting to me is that I view steroids as a far greater offense."

The report also suggests that all foreign substances will be punished with the same suspension. Of course, starting pitchers may only miss one start depending on how that team arranges their starting pitchers over those 10 games. However, relievers will be hit a little bit harder since they regularly pitch multiple games per week.

Samson simply believes that many star pitchers could be evaluated differently if they're not as impressive as they once were after this new rule begins being utilized.