Only Trevor Bauer could make charity this annoying. In his unending campaign to prove that he's smarter than everyone, Bauer has set out to mock the baseball arbitration process... with giving. Bauer initially set his arbitration price at $6.9 million, before the MLB asked him to be reasonable. Bauer then set his number for $6,420,969.69, before eventually "settling" for $6,525,000.

Presumably because that number didn't involved sophomoric humor, Bauer has decided to donate his extra money. He announced a campaign called "69 Days of Giving," during which Bauer will give $420.69 to charities suggested to him by fans daily for 68 days. On the 69th day, he will donate $69,420.69 to a charity of his choosing.

Oh, and he announced all of this in a 69 second video.

The cause? Awesome. Mocking arbitration? Good. The means? Eh. Bauer is undeniably a smart guy, although he has had a few run-ins, such as him telling a fan to "quit life" in February last year. His personality is boisterous, abrasive, arrogant and unapologetic -- all of which are illustrated in this video. The final trait, however, is also illustrated: Intelligent.

Bauer has reasons for not liking arbitration, mind you.

"When it was first brought about, it was good, because it gave players a way to increase their salaries while teams have years of control," Bauer said, via Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan. "I think it's outdated in a lot of ways now. It suppresses players' salaries mostly. It should be reworked. The way teams are treating free agency this year, and all the years of team control, it's got to be looked at."

I, for one, encourage anything that gives to charitable causes. Bauer is just doing it in a very Bauer-y way, so it's understandable that some people may find the cause to be a bit disingenuous.