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Graves saidFree agent pitcher Clayton Kershaw is filling his time with other work while Major League Baseball remains in a lockout. Kershaw was spotted working at a Raising Cane's in his hometown of Dallas on Wednesday. 

The free agent gave fans quite the surprise. People thought they were just picking up their chicken fingers and Cane's sauce and instead got to meet a World Series champion.

Todd Graves, Founder & Co-CEO of Raising Cane's, joked about Kershaw working at the restaurant.

"Everyone is wondering who Clayton is going to sign with, but I bet no one thought it would be Raising Cane's. Clayton is an ace pitcher, so we're excited that he joined our Crew today," Graves said. "We also love supporting Kershaw's Challenge and appreciate Clayton reciprocating the support."

Raising Cane's has supported Kershaw's Challenge, a charity program founded by Clayton and his wife Ellen. Kershaw wanted to give back to the fast food joint.

"Kershaw's Challenge is a faith-based, others-focused organization. We exist to encourage people to use whatever God-given passion or talent they have to make a difference and give back to people in need. We want to empower people to use their spheres of influence to impact communities positively," their website states. 

Kershaw is not the first athlete of late to drop in and work at a Raisin Cane's. Bengals star Ja'Marr Chase visited one in Ohio after the Super Bowl to surprise fans.